Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

  • The Liberator’s low profile and discreet appearance always allows you to carry your gun undetected
  • The Grip-Zip-Draw system allows access to your AR-15 in as little as 2.2 seconds, it is designed to be the ultimate in access ready concealment solutions
  • The Liberator’s stout, robust design will accommodate even the most tricked out AR-15
  • The versatile 3 point utility strap allows for storing your AR-15 discreetly. Attach to your vehicle’s headrest, hang in the closet or sling over your shoulder for easy transporting
  • The Double Down’s break away zipper is access ready and allows you to quickly get to your two 30 round mags or pistol with just a short tug on the pull tab located in each inside corner
  • With the versatility of the Double Down you can carry the case discreetly on your hip belt, sternum strap of a pack, or virtually anywhere with the attached MOLLE® system
  • Whether attached on the Liberator or at your side, the Double Down is ready and able to be your back up at moment’s notice

Discreet Case: 11”W(at widest section) x 2.5”D x 36”H. Double Down: 9”D x 6”H.


In Stock

Color: Black

Material: Soft

Size: 36

Style: Rifle