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Gehmann shooting gloves have been designed and refined with the input of thousands of shooters. An example is how a Gehmann glove looks when you get it. It is sewn with the fingers and hand in a slight curved position as if the glove was in place on your rifle’s forend. This pre-shape lets the glove work for you instead of you working against the glove. A glove is one of the most productive expenditures you can make in shooting equipment. Gloves do wear out and should be replaced when necessary.

This glove is designed for the trigger hand and is a half finger glove. Provides a secure grip for the trigger hand and is great for use in any weather. Includes pull straps for easy removal. Made of 65% leather, 15% ammara, 10% cotton, and 10% nylon.

Sinclair, Issue:3B, Page:216


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