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Rugged, Weatherproof Replacement LED Light Head With Infra-Red Technology

Dual-output, screw-on replacement head fits a variety of Surefire handheld and weapon lights to provide a super-bright, white LED beam plus a powerful infra-red LED beam for use with night vision devices. Both LED light sources are contained in a single assembly with no infrared filter needed. Turn the detent-locking selector ring to White mode for up to 150 lumens output and plenty of reach for long-range applications, yet enough peripheral light for close-quarter situations. Turn the ring to IR mode for powerful 120 mW infrared light visible only through night vision devices. Precision-focused Total Internal Reflection lens produces tight, uniform beams free of hot spots or dark blotches. Easy to install by simply removing the light's original head assembly and screwing on the self-contained LED/IR unit. Swap the original head assembly back on any time. All-aluminum body is O-ring sealed to keep out moisture and withstand adverse weather conditions.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:409

SPECS: Aluminum, hardcoat anodized, black. Output: 150 lumens white light, 120 mW infra-red (IR) light. Kits include replacement head, cleaning brush, (2) replacement O-rings, and thread lubricant.  KM4 fits M500A, M500V, M500L, Dedicated Forend Weapon Lights, M962 Vertical Fore grip Weapon Lights, M96(xx) Millennium Universal Weapon Lights. Provides up to 2½ hours of white light or 9 hours of IR.

KM4 LED/IR Upgrade Kit
152000078KM4 LED/IR Upgrade Kit

Mfr Part: KM4BKKIT01


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