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Dual-end, three flange design meets the demands of modern military and law enforcement personnel whose hearing protection needs are duty- or mission-specific. The nonlinear acoustical design of the yellow end provides “hear-through” protection so low level sounds such as normal speech communication, footsteps, rifle bolts, or approaching danger can be detected as quickly as possible to maintain mission safety. Internal filter reacts instantly to dampen, high-level impulse noises like weapon fire and explosions up to 190 dB Peak. During operations around high-level, steady-state noises like running vehicles, generators and aircraft, the olive-colored side delivers up to 22 dB of constant protection – greater than many electronic muffs. Molded polymer is washable and provides a comfortable fit and effective ear canal seal for most adults. Available in pairs. Includes carrying case and instructions.

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SPECS: (1) pair. Molded polymer. 1-5⁄16" (3.3cm) long x 9⁄16" (1.4cm) dia. NRR 22 dB. Includes case and instructions.

Combat Arms Earplugs
284000006Combat Arms Earplugs

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Color: Olive

NRR: 22 dB

Style: Plugs