Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Blocks Dangerous Noise, Lets Normal Sounds Through

Comfortable, snug-fitting muffs employ advanced dynamic compression circuitry with less than 5.5 millisecond “attack time” to reduce the sound of gunfire and other loud noises to a safe level. They allow sounds below 70 dB to pass through unattentuated, so you hear range commands and normal conversation. Built-in stereo microphones give you a realistic 360° sound field that helps you hear what direction sounds are coming from come from, with separate volume controls for each ear with audible “click” on/off. Leather over foam padding on the ear cups and the adjustable headband lets your skin breathe, so there’s no more “sweaty ears” after a day at the range. The lightweight, hard-polymer ear cups are angled to provide plenty of clearance for a good cheekweld on both rifle and shotgun buttstocks.

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SPECS: NRR 26. Polymer resin-composite ear cups, supports, and headband. Uses four (4) 1.5 volt N cell batteries (included); expected normal use battery life: 400 hours.

Brownells Pro Series Hearing Protection
080000922Brownells Pro Series Hearing Protection

Mfr Part: P300

$99.99 $139.99

No longer deliverable by the Factory

Color: Black

NRR: 26 dB

Style: Electronic