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The Finest Products The Firearms Industry Has To Offer

Our latest 1911 Catalog #11 is bursting with all the latest and greatest products to build, repair, or upgrade any 1911 pistol. John Browning’s pistol surely is one of the most durable and adaptable handguns of all time. It doesn’t get obsolete or do out of style – tweak it a little and it just gets better!

Some highlights of 1911 #11: a bunch of red dot sights, one of the best upgrades you can give your 1911 competition gun to get you on target fast and help you score more hits. On the topic of sights, there’s also a helpful article to help you figure out which of the many aftermarket 1911 sights is right for your shooting needs. And Dream Guns™! We have 5 brand-new ones for you to feast your eyes on and figure out which tweaks you’d like to do on your own gun.

With a little ingenuity and parts from this catalog, you can customize an old “Forty Five” to do anything a new plastic “wonder gun” will do. Order your FREE copy today!

Instantly flip through a PDF of our 1911 #11 catalog.

AR-15, Issue:08, Page:049
Big Book Catalog, Issue:60, Page:001
Law Enforcement / Police Store, Issue:10, Page:FIC
Personal Protection, Issue:01, Page:001

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