Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Finest Products The Firearms Industry Has To Offer

As always, we’ve combed the industry to bring you the latest and greatest new stuff. Things are pretty evenly spread across all the categories, so make sure you check every page. You’ll also find the tried-and-true old favorites, too. Ever thought to yourself, "I sure wish somebody would make ‘X’ for the 1911"? Well, if we could find it, we’ve put it in here for you in these 80 pages!

The Dream Guns™ are always a popular part of every 1911 catalog, and we have some nifty new ones here. Some were built by members of the Brownells Gang, others by dyed-in-the-wool 1911 fans and gunsmiths we know. Just a little something to get your own creativity fired up.

We’ve added more 1911-compatible optics (p. 56-58), which are getting more popular with the competition crowd every year. Got some new holsters for you, too (p. 58-60). Even though the .45 Auto is a mighty tough gun, it’ll give you its best when you keep it clean, so we added a section of 1911-specific cleaning supplies (p. 61-64). Then there’s ammo! You’ll find plenty of it, and lots of variety, on pages 79-80. The ammunition supply situation is far different from what it was a couple of years ago!

With this catalog in hand, just dream about what “Your” dream gun could be or the items you need to make it shoot better - or simply more enjoyable to shoot.

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AR-15, Issue:08, Page:049
Big Book Catalog, Issue:60, Page:001

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