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Tactical & Hunting Shooting Rest System

Combines the highly adaptable Model 52 Versa-Pod with three interchangeable sets of legs that let you configure the bipod for a wide variety of terrain and shooting applications. Kit includes legs with non-skid rubber feet for bench, range, or vehicle hood; “ski” feet for wet, porous terrain like mud, clay, or wet grass; and raptor feet for the roughest, slipperiest conditions. Quick-deploy legs can be adjusted anywhere from 9” (fully retracted) to 12” (fully extended) high. Pan-and-tilt mechanism lets you pivot the rifle left, right, up, or down to compensate for uneven ground. An adjustable, friction-locking thumbscrew limits the range of pivot movement or even locks in the setting completely. Mounts to almost any rifle using any Versa Pod adapter.

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SPECS: Steel and aluminum, matte black finish. Leg height adjustment: 9” (22.9cm) to 12” (30.5cm). 20.4 oz (578g) weight. Separately available adapter required to mount on rifle


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Height: 9 to 13