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Quick-Deploy Bipod Provides A Stable Shooting Platform; Adds Minimal Weight & Bulk

Quick-deploy tactical bipod system gives the operator an exceptionally stable shooting platform for long-range targeting, while adding minimal bulk and weight to the weapon. Innovative two-piece design clamps directly to Picatinny side rails on forearm—no separate mounting hardware to misplace, lose, or accidentally leave back at base. Each leg is completely self-contained with captive clamp, locking bar, cross-bolt, and thumbscrew. Leaves bottom rail free for mounting other accessories, and ModPod is a perfect bipod option for weapons fitted with a grenade launcher, shotgun, or tear gas launcher. The absence of a complicated pivot mechanism under the handguard means the ModPod also keeps the weapon’s center of gravity low, providing an exceptionally secure shooting stance. Telescoping legs have three positive-locking height positions—fully retracted, mid-point, and fully extended—to help you set the exact amount of elevation you need or adapt to uneven ground. Large, silent, push-button releases the leg and frees it to rotate a full 360° with positive locking points every 90°. For added versatility, legs can be mounted at the front of the handguard and folded to the rear, or at the rear and folded forward to avoid interfering with ejection port or operator’s access to weapon controls on carbines and short-barreled rifles. Aggressively textured foot pads bite into the ground for firm support and resistance to slippage under recoil.

AR-15, Issue:11, Page:103
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:397

SPECS: Steel pivot mechanism, aluminum rail clamps, and reinforced molded polymer legs, matte black and tan. Leg length: 9” (22.9cm) retracted, 11¼” (28.6cm) fully extended

MP-1 ModPod System Picatinny Mount 9-11.25" Tan
100004291MP-1 ModPod System Picatinny Mount 9-11.25" Tan

Mfr Part: MP1T


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Attachment: Picatinny Mount

Color: Tan

Feet Material: Rubber

Folding: Yes

Height: 9 to 13

Style: Cant Swivel