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Gives Your Bolt Action A Match-Grade Trigger Pull

Reliable, easy-to-install, upgrade kits replace some or all of the factory trigger components to deliver match-grade performance in your rifle. Specially designed, system (except Mauser 98) moves the sear engagement point to a precise location for more leverage that lightens pull weight. Fewer working parts help eliminate malfunctions caused by moisture and freezing temperatures. Precision machined and polished engagement surfaces help minimize drag for smooth, crisp let-off. All models use the factory safety without alteration. Drop-in installation. Weatherby MK V Trigger Kit replaces the sear, trigger lever and trigger return spring in the factory housing without compromising adjustability. 10 oz. model provides an ultra-light 6 - 10 oz. weight of pull.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:63, Page:143
New Product Supplement, Issue:573, Page:009

SPECS: Steel, black matte

6 - 10 oz.  Fits Weatherby Mark V.

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Product has been discontinued and no longer available.