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Custom Triggers For Military Rifles

Lightweight, all steel triggers with rolling sear block design provide single-stage pull for military rifles. Available as Mark II Trigger only or as Speedlock Kit that includes Mark II Trigger, other parts and modification instructions to shorten striker travel for faster lock time.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:163

SPECS: Mark II Trigger: Adjusts for overtravel and pull (2 to 7 lbs.). 3⁄16" wide serrated trigger. Blued steel housing and trigger, hardened internals. Wt. 2 oz. EW-5 fits 1917 Enfield w/5-round magazine plus 1914 .303 Enfield, Rem. Mod 30 and 30S. EW-6 fits same as EW-5 but w/6-round magazine. UM fits Mauser 98 and commercial actions. GM fits Swedish and other Mauser 93 thru 96's; US fits 03 and 03A3 Springfield. Speedlock Kit: EN-5 or EN-6 for Enfield - Fit same as EW-5 and EW-6 triggers. Converts to cock-on-open; 5⁄16" striker travel. Includes trigger, cocking piece and striker spring. Requires bolt modifications. GMS for Swedish Mauser - Fits same as GM trigger and converts any Mauser 93-96 cock-on-close to cock-on-open. Includes trigger, cocking piece and striker spring.

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