Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Traditional European Design; Austrian Made For Mauser, Ruger & Remington

Super-light “set” trigger and standard hunting trigger, all-in-one. Press forward to quickly convert the standard hunting weight pull into a light, match-grade pull. Solid, all-steel construction; screw adjustable for weight of pull. Installed on a Military 98, “set” pull weight was 6 oz., unset was 3 lb. M98 - Requires widening of the trigger slot. M98 W/Safety - Has large, easy-to-reach, sear block; thumb safety on right side of trigger housing. Has polished steel or gold plated trigger. Requires stock and triggerguard modifications plus milling slot in receiver on M98 - only minor fitting for Mk X. Ruger #1 and #3 - Both use factory safety. Range of adjustment of set trigger, 1-3 lbs. No machining required on action. Unset pull weight is determined by sear/hammer relationship - not by set trigger. Remington 700 - Trigger only, uses factory trigger housing safety, bolt stop and sear. Does not fit guns equipped with ISS safety or model with X Mark Trigger. Winchester 70 - Fits post-'64. Unset - 2-4 lbs. Adjustable for overtravel and pull weight. Safe, resistant to slam fire in the set mode. Gunsmith fitting required. Installation requires minor fitting to the safety and triggerguard slot.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:163

SPECS: Steel, polished and blued, or stainless steel (Ruger #1/#3). M98 also available with a gold plated trigger. Instructions.

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