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Hardened Steel Internals For Smooth, Light Pull

Hand honed and fitted for the ultimate in crisp, clean trigger pull. Adjusts for weight of pull (11⁄2 - 4 lb.), creep and overtravel. Lock nuts hold settings. Featherweight (FW) features the same adjustments and hand fitting as the Deluxe but no safety. Featherweight Deluxe (FWD) includes trigger blocking, side safety.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:165
New Product Supplement, Issue:631, Page:009
Sinclair, Issue:4B, Page:257

SPECS: Aluminum housing. Heat-treated steel internals. Polished sear/trigger surfaces. Serrated .250" (6.3mm) wide shoe, except Arisaka and Mosin Nagant have .19" (4.7mm) wide shoe. Mauser 98K set 1⁄4" forward to fit short, 1.75", triggerguards. Fits stock, military rifles marked KAR. Mauser 98 Commercial fits actions that cock on opening and have a 2" long trigger guard. Swedish Military Mauser 96 has 1⁄4" longer trigger shoe, fits un-modified military rifles that cock on closing the bolt. Swedish 96/Spanish 95 Custom Stocked Mauser has 1⁄4" shorter trigger shoe to fit actions that cock on closing the bolt and are equipped with commercial stocks.

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