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Match-Grade Pull From A Rugged, Reliable Drop-In Module

Drop-in trigger module fits any mil-spec small-pin AR-15 and delivers a light, superbly crisp trigger pull right from the box, with no adjustment or fine-tuning. Crisp, 4-lb. pull is safe enough for tactical operations and combat, yet light enough to ensure an ultra-clean break that’s closer to a bolt action than a typical tactical rifle. Exceptionally short, positive reset gets you back on target and ready to take the next shot almost instantly. Unique hammer geometry keeps weight to a minimum for ultra-fast lock time, yet provides plenty of kick to ensure reliable ignition, even on hard military primers. A secondary “rescue” sear grabs the hammer if the primary sear fails when the weapon is dropped or severely jarred—meets military specifications for drop safety. CNC-machined, hardened tool steel hammer, sear, and trigger body with precision-ground contact surfaces are built to run hard in competition or combat, all contained in the rugged machined aluminum housing. TR-TTU - Single-stage pull has zero take-up and an ultra-clean break. TR-TTU-M2 - “Semi” two-stage, match-grade trigger has an abbreviated initial stage that establishes sear engagement for safe, reliable operation in high-stress tactical environments, followed by a clean second-stage release. TR-TTU-MIL - Single-stage with ultra crisp 5 to 5 ¾ lb trigger pull. Positive reset guarantees fast follow-up shots. TR-TTU-3G- Wilson Combat engineers have enhanced the TTU-3G trigger with a smooth, rolling, creep-free 3.5-4# break that is ideal for shooting rapid double-taps on the move from your high-performance AR-15. The 3.5# - 4# pound pull breaks with the extreme smoothness of finely tuned target-pistol trigger and has tactile feedback that gives a shooter the confidence to prep the trigger face during quick target transitions. The TTU-3G also has an enhanced, lightning-fast trigger reset that will make fast follow up shots a breeze and eliminate "trigger freeze" during the heat of competition or tactical shooting. The TR-TTU-H2 Paul Howe model is a drop-in, two stage trigger with a ultra-crisp 4.5-5lb break.

AR-15, Issue:09, Page:024
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:027

SPECS: Trigger/Hammer/Sear – Hardened tool steel, matte gray finish. Housing – Aluminum, anodized, matte black. Fits AR-15 with .154” trigger and hammer pins. Includes two .154” pins and installation instructions.


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