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Easy-To-Install, Two-Stage Trigger With A Precise, Match-Grade Pull

Drop-in trigger/hammer system requires no gunsmithing to give your small-pin AR-15 a rugged, reliable trigger with a smooth, consistent two-stage pull. Fixtures custom designed by CMMG engineers are used for final grinding of 10 separate contact surfaces on the trigger, disconnector, and hammer for a crisp, precise, consistent hammer release. Brass bushings reduce friction to help ensure an ultra-smooth pull and exceptionally fast locktime. Rounded, low-mass hammer further speeds locktime and reduces wear on contact surfaces. Each trigger is function tested before it leaves the factory to ensure correct operation. Works equally well in .22 LR conversions and AR-style .308 rifles. Standard-weight trigger and hammer springs included; will work with aftermarket reduced-power springs.

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SPECS: Steel, black oxide finish. Brass bushings. Kit includes preassembled trigger/disconnector unit, hammer, trigger spring, hammer spring, and instructions. Fits AR-15/AR-style .308 with .154” trigger and hammer pins.


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Style: Drop-In, Match Grade