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Machined steel, one-piece, Oberndorf-type triggerguard assemblies designed for the Custom Gun Builder by Pete Grisel. Straight sided, integral magazines (on Model 70 and Mauser 98 units) and a 5° draft, or taper, on the floorplate edges greatly cuts inletting time, gives tightest fit. Fully engravable, polished to a 220 grit finish and can be inletted into the original stock. A beautiful addition to any fine, custom-built rifle.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:179
New Product Supplement, Issue:514, Page:000

SPECS: Models and sizes as follows - Pre-'64 Model 70: #640 for .375 H&H w/dropped magazine; Mauser 98: #410 for .30-06; #420 for Short Magnums w/standard magazine; #430 for Short Magnums w/dropped magazine; #440 for .375 H&H (full length magnums) w/dropped magazine. Remington 700: #510 for blued, Long Action; #515S/S for stainless, Long Action, #520 for Short Action; #535S/S for stainless Long Action w/dropped magazine. Weatherby: #812 polished and blued to match blued, Standard Long Action. Ship wt. 2 lb.


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Product has been discontinued and no longer available.