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Genuine Remington Parts To Convert ADL To Convenient Hinged Floorplate BDL

Converts blind magazine 700 ADL to convenient hinged floorplate BDL. Improves the appearance and function of ADL rifles. Ideal when adding aftermarket stocks to an ADL. Provides a convenient, safer method of removing cartridges from the rifle. Kits include the following Remington factory parts: triggerguard, magazine, magazine follower, spring and spacer. Short Action-Small bolt face. Short Action-Standard bolt face. Long Action-Standard bolt face. Long Action-Magnum bolt face.

Select the correct factory or aftermarket screw or screw set for a complete installation kit.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:182
Law Enforcement / Police Store, Issue:01, Page:011
New Product Supplement, Issue:562, Page:001

SPECS: Floorplate - aluminum, bake-on finish, black. Magazine box, follower, spring - steel.


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