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Raises The Cheekweld For More Comfortable Shooting; Snap-On Fit

Molded polymer cheek riser snaps onto Magpul CTR and MOE buttstocks to provide added support and ensure correct eye alignment with open sights or optics for fast target acquisition. Creates a stable platform for accurate, long-range shooting. Three models let you to raise the cheekweld by ¼", ½", or ¾" for a personalized fit. No stock modification required. Designed for non-AR installations of CTR/MOE stocks; if installed on AR-15, stock must be left fully extended to allow operation of charging handle.

AR-15, Issue:10, Page:039
Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:043

SPECS: Fiber-filled polymer composite, black. Fits all Magpul CTR and MOE buttstocks.

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MAG325 - 1/4" (SIZE 1) CHEEK RISER
CTR/MOE Cheek Riser, 1/4"
100004221CTR/MOE Cheek Riser, 1/4"

Mfr Part: MAG325BLK


In Stock
MAG326 - 1/2" (SIZE 2) CHEEK RISER
CTR/MOE Cheek Riser, 1/2"
100004222CTR/MOE Cheek Riser, 1/2"

Mfr Part: MAG326BLK


In Stock
MAG327 - 3/4" (SIZE 3) CHEEK RISER
CTR/MOE Cheek Riser, 3/4"
100004223CTR/MOE Cheek Riser, 3/4"

Mfr Part: MAG327BLK


In Stock