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Enhances The Look & Performance Of Your Classic Military Rifle

High-quality, American walnut replacement stocks breathe new life into vintage military rifles. M1 Garand features the oversized, Korean War style contours and is available as a 3-piece set with buttstock, plus front and rear handguards. Available in Finished (F) or Unfinished (UF).

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:185
New Product Supplement, Issue:602, Page:013

SPECS: American walnut. Finished (F) - 100% fit and sanded to an in-house action for drop-in installation, military oil finish. Unfinished (UF) - Rough sanded. Virtual Inlet (VI) - Precision machined but not fit to in-house action, may require minor fitting. Semi-Inlet (SI) - Completey shaped, 95% inletted, requires fitting of wood-to-metal

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Color: Brown

Material: Wood

Style: Standard


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Color: Walnut

Material: Wood

Style: Standard