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Stocks Add Adjustment & Extra Features To Rifles

Glass-filled nylon rifle stocks fit onto standard A1/A2 buffer tubes and add adjustments and extra features to AR-15 rifles, including most .308 models. Stocks feature textured rubber recoil pads and 2 QD sling sockets for fast sling mounting and dismounting. Modular Stock gives an adjustable cheek rest, and adjustable length of pull. Weighs less compared to other adjustable stocks. Skeleton Stock has futuristic appearance, and helps reduce weight. Will not fit on carbine buffer tubes. Includes Allen wrench for mounting. Uncle Mike's QD Sockets (593-000-038) can be epoxied into socket on the side of each stock.

SPECS: Glass-filled nylon, matte black. 10-1/2" long. Modular - Cheek adjusts 1". LOP adjusts 1 1/16". 1 lb. 3 oz. (539g) wt. Skeleton - 11 oz. (314g) wt.

AR-15 Modular Buttstock Assembly
100014257AR-15 Modular Buttstock Assembly

Mfr Part: MBA1


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Color: Black

Material: Nylon, Polymer

Style: Adjustable