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Correct Types For Reliable .308 Carrier Operation

Direct replacement buffer works with factory recoil spring to cushion carrier impact, lessen felt recoil, and minimize the overall beating your rifle and optics endure when shooting. Carbine fits collapsible stock DPMS Panther LR-308 carbine and other AR-Style .308 rifles with 2½" recoil buffer. Rifle fits ArmaLite® AR-10® and other AR-Style .308 rifles with fixed A2-style stock and full-length rifle receiver extension.

AR-15, Issue:10, Page:029
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:030
New Product Supplement, Issue:631, Page:004

SPECS: Steel body, tungsten insert, polyurethane tip. Carbine – 2½" (6.3cm) long. 3.9 oz. (110g) weight. Rifle – 55⁄16" (13.5cm) long. 5.4 oz. (153g) weight.


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