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Create Personalized, Custom-Fit Grips, Cheek Weld, Or Forend Covers

“Rapid Adaptation Technology” polymer material lets you customize the pistol grip of your gun for a precise fit to your hand. Gives you a one-of-a-kind, ultra-secure hold on the weapon for the ultimate in recoil control, pointability, and maneuverability, plus it reduces shock for less hand and wrist fatigue. Rat Grips can be installed on tactical rifles, including the AR-15/M16 series, bolt action or semi-auto sniper rifles, pistols, even pistol-grip equipped shotguns. Can also be applied to forends or to the top of the buttstock to create a custom cheek-weld. Install one in about 20 minutes, with no gunsmithing and no permanent modification to gun. If you don’t get the exact contour you want, the RAT material can be reheated and reshaped multiple times. Abrasion-resistant RAT polymer is unaffected by cold and can be painted. Easy to remove, too, and won’t leave behind a residue; the grip can be reheated and reinstalled later. Molding temperature is 175° to 200° F—comfortable enough to shape while wearing the included safety glove.

AR-15, Issue:09, Page:048
Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:048

SPECS: Heat moldable polymer, black. Heat Gun – 120 volt, 60 Hz. Two output settings: 750 watt/570° F (300° C) and 1500 watt /930° F (500° C).

RAT Heat Gun
100006033RAT Heat Gun

Mfr Part: HGGW1500B

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Color: Black