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The Manticore Arms ARClight Rail system allows for a modular rail interface to be mounted to your IWI Tavor rifle.   The ARClight is available standalone, or fully loaded, which includes a light ring mount and two Picatinny rails for mounting to the exterior.  By using the included light mount, a 1" diameter light can be mounted inside the handguard.  The ARClight rail weighs only 4 ounces, only 2 ounces more than the original polymer handguard!  The ARClight mounts securely to your Tavor via a rear tab and front screws.  

The handguard is compatible with Magpul MOE polymer rail segments and Impact Weapon Components Mount-N-Slot accessories.

SPECS: Fits - IWI Tavor rifles.  Available as a standalone rail or with lightmount and two Picatinny rails (one short 5 slot and one long 11 slot rail segment).

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Color: Black

Material: Aluminum


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Color: Black

Material: Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy