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Adds Rail Space For Lights & Accessories

Bolt-on rail system provides an additional 5" of rail space in front of the rifle’s built-in factory rails. Proper spacing and perfectly matched seam allows rail covers and accessories to be installed across both the factory and the SRX rails. Does not interfere with factory sights or the SCAR’s unique quick-change barrel system; also retains the original, limited-rotation forward sling points. Installation requires disassembly and removal of the factory bottom rail and barrel.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:186
New Product Supplement, Issue:641, Page:008

SPECS: Aluminum, hard-coat anodized finish, matte black. 5”(12.7cm) long, 2 ¼”(5.7cm) wide, 2 ½”(6cm) high, 7.9 oz. (224g) wt. Includes attachment screws, Allen wrenches and installation instructions. Fits FN SCAR 16, 17, L and H.

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Color: Black

Length: 5

Material: Aluminum

Style: 2-Piece, Carbine