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Improves Handling & Reduces Heat Buildup

Tubular free-float forearm is made of lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber to reduce heat transfer to the shooter’s hand during sustained fire and provide excellent handling characteristics. Precision-made, aluminum barrel nut rigidly clamps the forearm to the upper receiver. Generous porting on some models enhances heat transfer while reducing weight even more. Rifle model fits rifle-length gas systems and is available in three styles: Target solid-surface tube; Ported/Railed with 28 cooling ports, three 3½" Picatinny rails that can be repositioned for specific needs, and an 8½" top rail; Ported/No Rails with 34 cooling ports for maximum heat dispersion. Mid-Length model has 6 cooling ports, three 3½" and one 5½" removable Picatinny rails. DPMS 308 is designed specifically for DPMS-pattern AR-style .308 rifles and includes four Picatinny rails.

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SPECS: Tube – Carbon fiber, natural black/silver finish. 2" (5cm) O.D. Barrel nut – Aluminum, hard-anodized, matte black. Rifle – 12½" (31.8cm) long. Mid-Length – 9-1⁄8" (23.2cm) long. DPMS 308 – 14¾” (37.5cm) long. Fits DPMS LR-308 and rifles patterned after it.


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Color: Natural

Length: 12

Material: Carbon Fiber

Style: Free Float


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Color: Black

Length: 14

Material: Carbon Fiber

Style: Free Float

Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.