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Adapter Is Concealed By Muzzle Device

Machined from pre-hardened, stainless steel bar stock, this shoulderless thread adapter permits muzzle devices to sit tighter against the barrel shoulder and maintain full thread joint strength. Adapter screws fully into muzzle device, giving it a more streamlined appearance when fitted onto the barrel and ensuring a more accurate alignment to bore. All threads are single point cut in same operation to tight UNEF Class-3 tolerances for perfect concentricity and alignment. Allows attachment of 5/8-24 muzzle devices to a 1/2-28 or 1/2-36 threaded barrel. Matte stainless finish.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:183

SPECS: HTSR 416 stainless steel, HRC 26-32 hardness, matte finish. 5/8" (1.6cm) long. 0.2 oz. (5.7g) wt.

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THREAD ADAPTER 1/2-28 TO 5/-24
Shoulderless Thread Adapter 1/2-28 to 5/8-24
100012976Shoulderless Thread Adapter 1/2-28 to 5/8-24

Mfr Part: A02410


Out of Stock

Threads: 5/8-24

THREAD ADAPTER 1/2-36 TO 5/8-24
Shoulderless Thread Adapter 1/2-36 to 5/8-24
100012978Shoulderless Thread Adapter 1/2-36 to 5/8-24

Mfr Part: A02412


In Stock

Threads: 5/8-24