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Extra Power For Smoother, Quieter, More Reliable Cycling

Flat music wire buffer spring delivers 7% more compression tension than a factory-spec spring for a longer operating lifespan, more reliable cycling, and elimination of the “raspy” noise during cycling. After extensive testing, the folks at JP concluded that the extra power produces a faster, more controllable recoil impulse and enables the weapon to press fully into battery with even with a lot of fouling present. Outer-diameter is ground and polished for smooth, quiet movement in the buffer tube. Rifle fits fixed stock rifles with A1/A2 buffer tube. Carbine fits collapsible M4-type carbine-length buffer tube. 308 Rifle – Fits AR10 and 308 AR fixed stock rifles with an A1/A2 buffer tube. 308 Carbine – fits AR10 and 308 AR carbine buffer tubes.

JP Enterprises recommends the use of JP Tuned and Polished 308 Buffer Springs when using the JP 308 Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group

AR-15, Issue:10, Page:027
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:029

SPECS: Steel, polished finish. Rifle – 13¼" (34cm) long. Carbine – 11¾" (30cm) long.

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