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The ELSA (Enhanced Leverage Safety Assembly) is offered in both an "extended lever" and an "extended paddle" model. The extended lever model features a lengthened design, while the extended paddle has the same overall length, but a wider width.  Both designs are completely ambidextrous and can be mounted on both sides of the rifle! (Rifles with side folding stocks may need minor modification and/or a relief cut on the stock for full folding).

As a standalone product the ELSA safety lever will make switching the safety considerably easier. Combined with the Scorpion Grip and the EMBR magazine button you will have ergonomics on par if not better than an AR-15- easy to reach and comfortable controls the way they should be!

The ELSA safety lever is made of 6061 aluminum and anodized black. It includes the lever, a roll pin, and an instruction sheet for installation.


SPECS:  Aluminum construction, matte black finish.  Fits Sig 556 rifles.

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Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.