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Gives Smooth Function & Easy Cycling

Competition-grade, reduced power mainspring gives lower cocking effort and smooth, consistent cycling. Wound from flat-wire for uniform compression through its entire range. Four models for lever action rifles using a compression-type mainspring. Includes two, nylon spacers for tuning spring tension. Four weights based upon cartridge, primer and caliber: .38/.357 for cartridges using small pistol primer; .44/.45 for cartridges using large pistol primer; Rifle for centerfire rifle calibers; .22 Rimfire for lever action rimfires.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:181
Cowboy Action, Issue:03, Page:002
New Product Supplement, Issue:545, Page:000
SPECS: Spring steel. Nylon spacers. Fits all current production lever action rifles with coil-type main spring.
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Product has been discontinued and no longer available.