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Specifically designed to improve the ergonomics of the SIG 556 series of rifles and pistols, The EMBR Extended Magazine Button Release extends the reach of the magazine button 1" so that the magazine can be released from the rifle without changing the shooter's grip.

The EMBR Extended Magazine Button Release will not only work on the SIG 556 series of rifles and pistols but will also work on the AR-15 family of firearms, and on any weapon that uses the standard AR15 magazine release button. It is particularly useful for those with smaller hands of short fingers or on any weapon with a large grip that positions the trigger hand farther back.

The EMBR button is made of anodized aluminum, and the pad is made of a high strength polymer. The extension pad is installed with two 4-40 screws, and the button can be used sans extension pad as a normal magazine release button.

Includes the aluminum button, polymer extension pad, two 4-40 screws, a tube of blue loctite, and an instruction sheet for installation.

SPECS: Polymer & aluminum construction. Matte black finish. Fits AR15/M16, Sig 556, 552, 551A1 and any rifle that uses an AR15 magazine release.

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EMBR Mag Button Sig 556/AR15 Blk
100011321EMBR Mag Button Sig 556/AR15 Blk

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