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Easy-To-Install Components Designed To Comply With California Restrictions

Contains components to make your rifle comply with two California “assault weapon” restrictions. The MonsterMan Grip from Wayne Studios replaces the pistol grip to make an AR-15 fitted with an A2-type, non-adjustable buttstock meet the requirements of California Penal Code §12276.1(a)(1)(A). Uses existing grip screw. The Mag Lock Bullet Button® from Assault Planet replaces the factory magazine release button to conform with California Code of Regulations §978.20(a). The magazine used in conjunction with the Bullet Button can have a capacity of no more than 10 rounds. Kit is available with only the Mag Lock and MonsterMan, or with a 10-round MWG polymer magazine included. Kits include mounting hardware and instructions. Laws and regulations can change at any time; the individual user is responsible for making sure his rifle stays legally compliant at all times.

AR-15, Issue:09, Page:031
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:034

SPECS: Bullet-Button - 7075 T6 aluminum, hardcoat anodized, black. Screws - carbon steel, black. Fits AR-15 and clones; AR-style .308 rifles. MonsterMan Grip - Molded polymer, black. 61⁄8" (15.6cm) long, 11⁄8" (2.9cm) wide, 45⁄32" (10.6cm) high. 4.6 oz. (130g) wt. Fits AR-15 with an A2 buttstock installed. 10-Rd Magazine - Nylon-impregnated, ABS plastic, black. For rifles chambered in .223/5.56mm NATO.