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Improves Function, Resists Fouling

Precision machined gas piston and cylinder are built from exceptionally hard 420 stainless steel for reliable cycling and extended service life. Double heat-treated, cryogenic surface provides increased protection against burnt-in powder fouling, corrosion and excessive heat build-up. Chrome surface on piston helps prevent wear of the push grooves for more consistent gas pressure and reduce gas cylinder cleanings. Black Parkerized finish on the gas cylinder improve durability. Will not fit SOCOM configured rifles.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:167
Law Enforcement / Police Store, Issue:08, Page:024
SPECS: 420 stainless steel. Gas Cylinder - Black, Parkerized finish. 3.95” (10cm) long x .657” (1.7cm) diameter. 3.9 oz. (111g) wt. Gas Piston - Chrome, polished finish. 3.620” (9.2cm) long x .497” (1.3cm) diameter. 1.7 oz. (48.2g) wt.
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