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Cut Lock Times By 1/2 & More For Improved Accuracy

Complete, drop-in firing pin assembly features a lightweight bolt shroud and aluminum firing pin with heat-treated 4140 steel tip to reduce weight to less than half of the factory part. Weight savings alone dramatically reduces lock time. Factory weight, chrome silicon firing pin spring maintains load and compression strength without taking a set for thousands of compression cycles to ensure positive ignition. Black anodized bolt shroud blends with original factory finish.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:161
New Product Supplement, Issue:602, Page:014
SPECS: Firing Pin – Aluminum with 4140 steel tip. Springs - Chrome silicon, heat treated, shot peened, stress relieved. Total Weight - 2 oz. (57g). Includes firing pin, spring, bolt shroud, and cocking piece. Available for Remington 700 short action (SA) and long action (LA).
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