Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


  • 18" JP supermatch barrel kits
  • Kits include 18" barrel, adjustable gas block, bennie cooley compensator, gas tube, and JP enhanced bolt
  • JP supermatch barrels are turned from 416 stainless steel, lead lapped, air-gauged and cryogenically treated
  • Available in .223 and .308
  • 18" 223 barrel has a medium contour, 223 Wylde chamber, 1-8 twist, and uses a rifle length gas system
  • 223 barrel is .936 at the gas block
  • 18" 308 barrel has a lightweight contour, .308 chamber, 1-10 twist, and uses a mid-length gas system
  • 308 barrel is .750 at the gas block
  • 223 barrel kit will work with AR15 and M16 rifles
  • 308 barrel kit will work with JP and DPMS pattern 308 rifles. Will also fit the Remington,Newer Bushmaster and Partriot Ordnance pattern upper receivers
  • 223 barrel has 1/2-28 threads at muzzle for brake/compenstor or suppressor
  • 308 barrel has 5/8-24 threads at muzzle for brake/compenstor or suppressor
  • Included JP enhanced bolt is precision machined from SAE 9310 steel
  • JP enhanced bolts are individually headspaced to the included barrel


  • Headspaced barrel and bolt ensure the highest reliability and safety
  • Adjustable gas block allows the rifle to be properly adjusted to the type of ammunition being fired
  • Bennie cooley compensator reduces felt recoil, allowing for faster followup shots
  • Barrels are lead lapped, air-gauged, and cryogenically treated for cold bore shot predictability, minimum thermal drift, outstanding accuracy, and extended barrel life
  • 1-8 twist in the 223 barrel allows for a wide range of projectiles to be used, from 40 to 77 grains
  • 1-10 twist in the 308 barrel will stabilize projectiles varying in weight from 110 to 175 grains


Discontinued by the Factory View Alternatives

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.