Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Dedicated Comp/Flash Hider Combo; Aggressive Front End Cuts For CQB Maneuvers

Five, straight, longitudinal vents hide flash while dispersing gases up and outward to tame muzzle rise. No downward facing port helps eliminate dust signature when shooting in the prone position. For threaded barrels only, includes crush washer. .223 model has grooved base rings that accept training attachments and sound suppression devices for LE and military personnel. Chisel-shaped front notches keep muzzle planted on your attacker during CQB situations.

AR-15, Issue:10, Page:023
Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:024
Law Enforcement / Police Store, Issue:13, Page:005
New Product Supplement, Issue:602, Page:005

SPECS: Steel, mil-spec phosphate coating. .223 - ½"-28 tpi. 2¼" (5.7cm) long, 7⁄8" (2.2cm) diameter. 2.1 oz. (60 g) wt. .308 - 5⁄8"-24 tpi. 2-15⁄16" (7.5cm) long. 1" (2.5cm) diameter. 4.5 oz. (127g) wt. 6.8/7.62x39/9mm - ½-36” tpi

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Caliber: 22 Caliber (.223-.224)

Size: .875

Threads: 1/2-28

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Caliber: 30 Caliber (.308)

Size: 1

Threads: 5/8-24


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Caliber: 30 Caliber (.308)

Threads: 1/2-36