Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Two-speed, battery-powered powder trickler provides precise powder flow - even down to a single kernel of powder - for superb accuracy when setting your powder scale and charging your cases. Hopper holds up to 1,000 grains of power, and height adjusts from 1" to 5½" - plus it’s adjustable for angle, which gives more options in bench placement and ease of use. Lets you set your beam scale at eye level, so you have the best view of the alignment marks on the beam. Powder moving through the 4½" long powder flow tube is controlled by the sliding powder tube weight to the exact flow setting you want down to one kernel of powder. Use high speed at first to move larger quantities of power, then switch to low speed to reduce the flow as you finish up. Runs on two AA batteries. NOTE: For use with smokeless powder only. Do not use with black powder or black powder substitutes.

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