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Hornady's all-metal Blackpowder measure features a non-sparking aluminum hopper and brass metering system. Designed specifically to meet the safety needs when working with blackpowder. Smooth tolerances between the frame and drum provide for smooth operation with course black powder. The brass metering system adjusts from 10 to 50 grains in five (5) grain increments, and from 50 to 130 grains in ten (10 grain increments when using FFG blackpowder. Other sizes of blackpowder, Pyrodes, and Triple 7 will drop differently amounts. Always confirm charge weight. Optional extended drop tube is not only longer but has a smaller orifice to allow you to put more powder in the case. 050110 Hornady Black Powder Measure 490070 Extended Drop Tube for Black Powder Measure

Sinclair, Issue:4A, Page:083

HORNADY - Hornady Extended Drop Tube for Black Powder Measure