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We make several items that make using your Wilson Trimmer more enjoyable. Our Carbide Cutter Upgrade Kit (part #749-009-253) features a carbide cutter and ergonomic crank handle for quick, clean and comfortable cuts and the cutter will stay sharp for as long as you own it. Carbide cutter also available separately. To speed up your trimming further, we are now offering a power screwdriver adapter for our carbide replacement cutter (part #749-010-492). This power screwdriver adapter accepts the carbide cutter and eliminates the need for the black Delrin™ washer included with the Carbide Upgrade Kit. Our power screwdriver adapter for the standard Wilson trimmer cutter (part #749-000-495) replaces the Wilson crank handle and allows you to use a power screwdriver or drill to power your case trimming and will work for all models of Wilson case trimmers, including 50BMG. The Sinclair Replacement Crank Handle for Wilson Trimmer Cutters (part (#749-011-658) is the same ergonomic replacement crank handle we include with our Carbide Upgrade Kit. Like the power screwdriver adapter above, our replacement crank handle will work for all models of Wilson case trimmers, including 50BMG.

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Sinclair, Issue:4A, Page:016


Discontinued by the Factory

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.