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The Mag 20 offers the convenience of thermostat controlled heating with a hefty 20 lb. capacity, so you can cast a lot of bullets without stopping to melt more lead. The easy-to-use bottom pour case system works with an adjustable mould guide that holds single or multiple cavity moulds, keeping your hands free and eliminating fatigue from holding the mould. An industrial –grade adjustable thermostat with indicator light lets you control the melt temperature to within 20 Degree F, with accurate repeatability for subsequent casting sessions. The 800-watt heating system runs on ordinary household current and is powerful enough to melt cold metal in 20 minutes. A convenient warming shelf on top of the cabinet lets you preheat molds to help prevent flaws in the finished bullets cause by molten lead hitting a cold mould.

Lyman Mould Guide
The Mould Guide from the Mag 20 furnace is also available separately for installation on other Lyman bottom-pour furnaces and similar furnaces from other manufacturers. Supports the mould and takes the weight off your hands. Adjustable to accommodate a broad variety of single-and multi-cavity moulds.

Sinclair, Issue:3B, Page:127



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Mould Guide

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Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.