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  • CASV-14 comes in the highly requested Extended Length
  • Rail extends all the way back to the rifle’s stripper clip guide
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy construction with steel mounting hardware
  • Will not interfere with any Mil-spec (wood or fiberglass) or aftermarket buttstock assembly
  • Three secured mounting points; on at the stripper clip guide, the second at the rear of the barrel, and the third around the operating rod guide
  • From the operating rod guide forward, the CASV-14 does not touch the barrel
  • Fits most platforms, except for some heavy barrel systems, including National Match, M21 and M25 systems. Standard Milspec barrel configurations only.
  • The operating rod guide has to be fully exposed (front and back) for the CASV-14 to mount
  • Two quick detachable sling mounting holes
  • Multiple mounting points for Picatinny rail sections
  • Grooved Picatinny rail allows for the use of iron sights
  • Weight: 13.5 oz
  • Overall length (rail): 17 inches
  • Overall length (handguard chassis): 12.75 inches
  • Width (rear of handguard): 1.900 inches
  • Width (front of handguard): 1.650 inches



  • Extended length rail allows for various optics to be mounted
  • Three secured mounting points allow for a rigid mounting platform, while placing minimal stress on the barrel
  • Modular construction allows for Quick Detach sling swivels, additional rails, and accessories to be attached to the CASV-14
  • The CASV-14 does not permanently alter the M1A/M14 and still allows for iron sights to be used



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Color: Black

Material: Aluminum

Number of Bases: 1-Piece

Style: Picatinny-Style Bases, Tactical Bases