Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

12" lengths of blank Dovetail Scope Base Stock—just the ticket for all those strange and challenging scope mounting jobs your customers just keep bringing in. Simply cut to length, drill and countersink, then refinish exposed ends with our Aluma-Hyde™ or Baking Lacquer. Accepts rings that fit a 3⁄8" nominal dovetail. Contoured stock (same base diameters as our 4" Base) for the more conventional rifles; Flat stock can be shaped, milled, shortened and adapted to even the most exotic application.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:66, Page:248

SPECS: Anodized aluminum. All are 12" long, ½" (.500) wide. Contoured for either .840 receiver or 1.0 to 1.050 diameter receiver or flat bottom for octagonal barrels or flat topped receivers.