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Swarovski developed the monocular Laser Guide Rangefinger because experienced hunters rely on more than just a good scope for lining up perfect shot placement. There are also other factors such as cartridge selection, wind, atmospheric conditions—and, of course, estimating the range. The Laser Guide combines the most advanced engineering, a 905nm Class 1 eye-safe laser, and a 30mm objective lens with 8x magnification for a powerful rangefinder that accurately (to +/- 1 yd/+/-1m) measures out to distances of 1,600 yards/1,500m. The Laser Guide incorporates some of Swarovski’s patented binocular technology to provide you with a tool that operates over long distances, and in the harshest weather conditions (temperature ranges: 14°F to 122°F/-10°C to +50°C). All glass is Swarobright coated for superb light transmission and image clarity. With a crisp, internal digital display, you can set it up to give readings in either yards or meters. Built to stand up to hard use, too, with dark green/black overmolded rubber armor covering the waterproof (down to 13 ft.) housing. Operating the Laser Guide is as simple as hitting the Measurement Button once to turn it on and once more for ranging distances. The aiming circle in the field of view aids in fast target acquisition. Automatically shuts off after 20 seconds. Dioptric compensation is -15 to +14 diopters. Other features include sliding eyecup, threaded tripod connection socket for stationary observation, lens cover system that doubles as a secure belt holder, carrying strap, and a CR-2 battery.

Sinclair, Issue:3X, Page:021

1600 Yard Range. Dimensions: 4¾" x 4" x 1¾". Weight with batteries: 13.65 oz. (386 g).

SWAROVSKI - Laser Guide 8x30 Rangefinder

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Magnification: 8x

Range: 1600 Yards