Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage


The iO Cover is designed to be a protective cover for Aimpoint Micros with integral caps that can be quickly operated with one hand. Once open, just snap caps together to be out of the way. When conditions are less than ideal, simply twist the caps apart and snap the lens covers in place with either hand. The iO Cover can also keep dust and debris off the lenses during weapon storage. The caps can quickly be swiped open with one hand, and they never block the sight picture under recoil or movement. The iO Cover is made from high0quality thermoplastic polyurethane, chosen for its durability and resistance to oil, fuel, solvents, temperature, abrasion, tears, cuts, and UV exposure. The material is also receptive to most spray paints and water dip coatings for further camouflage or marking of less lethal equipment.

TANGODOWN - TangoDown iO Aimpoint Micro Cover