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Expanded Mounting Options & Versatility For JPoint Sight

Rugged, lightweight, aluminum mounts allow the proven JPoint Reflex sight to be mounted piggyback on an ACOG. Helps you get an effective secondary sight system that delivers fast, both-eyes-open engagement for close range targets. JPA-TANSN can be installed directly to the TA01NSN model ACOG scope as a standalone mount that replaces the existing rear aperture assembly and utilizes the factory mounting holes. Integral, raised “wings” fully guard the sides and top of your JPoint from blows incurred during combat or competition. JPA-TAS Bottom Strap allows the JPA-TANSN mount to be clamped around the eyepiece on all other models of ACOG scopes.

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SPECS: Aluminum, black, matte, anodized finish. JPA-TANSN Mount - 1-5⁄8" (4.13cm) long, 1¾” (4.4cm) wide, 1-11⁄16" (4.3cm) high. Fits TA01NSN model ACOG. Includes wrench, mounting screws, and instructions. JPA-TAS Bottom Strap - 5⁄16" (.79cm) long, 1¾” (4.4cm) wide, 7⁄8" (2.2cm) high. Includes mounting screws. Requires purchase of JPA-TANSN mount to fit all models of ACOG scopes except TA01NSN.