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Hard-To-Find Replacements Keep These Obsolete Rimfire Rifles Shooting

All magazines listed duplicate factory fit and function.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:67, Page:177

SPECS: Steel, blued. Sav. magazines may fit many Stevens/Springfield rifles and "House Brand" guns made by Savage for Sears, Wards, Western Auto, etc.Fits: Stevens/Savage/Sprgfild 26C, 33, 34, 35, 56, 056, 56C, 056C, 57, 057, 65, 84, 084, 084S, 84C, 84CNS, 84CD, 84D, 84E, 85, 085, 85A, 85E, 85K, 85KE, 85H, 416, 420, 840S, 850, 850H, 1,2,4C,4CD,4E,7,7A,7H,19(not NRA 19),23AA, (not NRA 23A),26C,33,34,35,56,56C,056C,57,057,54,84,084,840S,084S,84C,84CDS,84CD,84S,84E,85,085,85A,85E,85K,85KE, 85H,4165,420,850,850H. Anschutz 141, Will also fit the Cooper model 57M.



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Cartridge: 22 Long Rifle

Action Type: Bolt Action

Capacity: 5-Round

Finish: Black

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