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Provides Extra Capacity For High-Capacity Magazines

Two-piece, synthetic base pad increases the cartridge capacity of pre-ban, Glock® magazines without compromising reliability. Impact-resistant pad locks securely to the magazine body; removes quickly and easily with the supplied compression tool. Wolff, 10% extra power spring ensures reliable feeding. Checkered, bottom panel allows positive, non-slip, mag changes. Plus 5 extends pre-ban magazines to 140mm. Adds +6 rounds to 9mm, +5 to .40 S&W and 10 mm, and +4 to .45 ACP. USPSA Limited legal. Plus 3 meets the PPSC box rule. Adds +4 rounds to 9mm and +3 rounds to .40 S&W pre-ban mags. Available in black, blue and red.

“GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H.  Brownells is an independent dealer of parts and accessories for Glock® pistols, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Glock, Inc. or Glock Ges.m.b.H.  The use of Glock on this page is merely to advertise the sale of Glock parts or components.  As indicated in the product descriptions, not all parts and accessories on this site are official Glock products.

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SPECS: Pad - High-impact, fiberglass-filled nylon. Black, blue, or red. 1½" (3.8cm) long, 1-1⁄8" (2.9cm) wide, 1½" high for 9mm/.40 S&W, 10mm/.45 ACP is larger. Spring - Tempered music wire, 10% extra power.

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