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Get Your Pistol Into Action Faster Without Compromising Safety

Easy-to-install kit replaces some of your 1911’s fire control components to allow cocked-and-locked Condition 1 carry with the hammer lowered. Makes pistol function like a decocker-equipped double-action pistol without altering single-action function, trigger pull, reliability, or speed from draw to first shot. Two-part hammer system leaves an internal hammer cocked while the traditional-looking external hammer rests in the “down” position. Reduces risk of hammer snagging on clothing when drawing from concealment, and eliminates visual distraction for bystanders caused by a “dangerous”-looking cocked weapon carried by uniformed law enforcement officers or other personnel authorized for visible carry. Minimal retraining required; weapon deployment from holster is the same as a non-SFS 1911. To operate SFS, insert a loaded magazine and rack the slide. Then push the hammer forward toward the traditional hammer down position. The ambi safety levers will pop up into “safe” position. The gun is completely safe. Slide is locked closed, trigger will not depress, internal hammer is physically blocked from reaching the firing pin, and the external hammer cannot be pulled back. Grip safety and passive Series 80 firing pin block (if your pistol has one) function normally. To shoot, simply depress the thumb safety, and the external hammer springs back to the visibly cocked position, ready to fire. If a live round remains in the chamber after shooting, the slide must be released and hammer pressed forward to render the pistol safe again. Trained personnel who can detail strip and reassemble a standard 1911 can install SFS with ease. No fitting, drilling, or gunsmithing required. Available in blued steel or with externally visible parts hard chromed to match stainless pistols.

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SPECS: Carbon steel, blued or hard-chromed, matte finish. Kit contains ambi safety, complete hammer assembly, hammer strut, slide stop, mainspring, and plunger spring, plus plunger lever and trigger bar lever for Series 80 Colt. Installation instructions included. Fits Series 70 and 80 Colt 1911 Government pistols and clones.