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Every Pin & Spring You Need For Building A 1911 Auto

Complete and convenient kit has every pin and spring you need when building, or rebuilding, a 1911 Auto pistol. All are made from premium, heat-treated carbon or stainless steels. Oversized hammer and sear pin are ground to maximum diameter on the 1911 print for a close fit in worn, frame-pin holes.

1911, Issue:11, Page:034
Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:126
Sinclair, Issue:1A, Page:032
SPECS: Carbon steel, blued or natural stainless steel. Contains one each: link pin, ejector pin, hammer strut pin, mainspring (m/s) cap, m/s cap pin, m/s housing pin retainer, m/s housing pin, detent plunger assembly, sear pin, hammer pin, mag catch lock, mag catch spring, sear spring, 19 lb. mainspring, xp firing pin spring, hammer strut, and long disconnector.
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