Brownells Brownells Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

  • Tru-Dot Novak sights feature Meprolight tritium
  • Attach perfectly to dovetail slots
  • Rounded body and edges won't hang up on holsters or clothing
  • 3-dot tritium sights
  • Matte black finish

Tru-Dot Novak sights offer quality and performance with features such as Tritium lamps which provide Novak quality and sight picture with a low light capable sighting system. These sights are available for popular current production 1911s and feature blended edges that won't snag on holsters or clothing, 3-dot Tritium sights, and factory dovetail slots that ensure a snug fit.

SPECS: Meprolight Tritium, Dovetail slots, Rounded body and edges, 3-dot Tritium, Matte black finish.


No longer deliverable by the Factory

Sight Color: Tritium

Style: Dot, Night Sight