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Proper alignment of front and rear sight forms a unique pyramid shape that aids the shooter in becoming front sight oriented for maximum speed and accuracy. Rear sight alignment becomes primarily peripheral and unconscious to improve concentration on the target, not the sights. Bright, interchangeable inserts make customizing the front and rear sight colors fast and easy. Front sight forms the top of the pyramid to give precise alignment and eliminates the need to center a traditional front blade in a rear notch. Rear sight features a serrated face for reduced glare. Sides of rear sight angle inward to virtually eliminate snagging and dramatically open up the sight picture. Pistol models feature a windage adjustable rear sight with unique clamping system that locks solidly against the dovetail with setscrew pressure. Front sight includes installation tool.

Inculdes Firefly upgrade which features a green and yellow nylon front sight inserts. These inserts have the latest in glow in the dark chemical technology. Firefly insert upgrades will glow for many hours with a short exposure to a strong light source, for example:  1 minute of strong sunlight exposure for an 8+ hour glow; positioning the firefly 1” to 2” from a 75 watt lamp for 90 seconds for a 6 hour glow.  In addition, when the glow has finally diminished after many hours, just two seconds of a tactical light will bring back the glow for another 90 minutes or so.

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Advantage Tactical Sight Set + Firefly for Glock®
100013740Advantage Tactical Sight Set + Firefly for Glock®

Mfr Part: ATS00126


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Sight Color: Green, Yellow