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Restores Your Fiber Optic Sight's Bright, Glowing Dot

Optical-grade, acrylic rods replace lost or broken rods on popular fiber optic sights. Gathers and funnels natural sunlight to produce a bright, luminous dot that quickly draws your eyes to the front sight so you get on target fast. Pak includes one each: red, green, and amber fiber optic rods. Available in four diameters to fit most fiber optic sights. .060" diameter rod fits most shotgun sights and .125" wide pistol sights. .040" fits most rifle and some shotgun sights, plus .090" wide pistol sights. .030" and .020" rods fit competition-style, rifle sights.

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SPECS: Optical-grade, acrylic rod. One each in red, green, amber. 6" (15.2cm) long. .060" (1.5mm), .040" (1mm), .030" (.75mm), or .020" (.5mm) diameters.
.060" Rod, 3-Pak

Mfr Part: F0SBCA060


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